Ironman Triathlon in Clermont, Florida

What a great Saturday when a couchsurfer named AlabamaJoe and his friend Mindy came to spend the night before the ironman race in town. I used them to pick enough grapefruit for a month and then watched them prepare for a grueling triathlon. They had to sort transition and special needs bags for a 2.4 mile swim followed by a 110 mile bike race including one loop over Sugarloaf Mountain. I posted the pictures of the first two legs of the race, but I tuckered out before the final 25 mile run. Joe and I can be found on It is a online meeting place to search for friends and couches to spend a night or two while traveling. Sort of like having hundreds of mini hostels available just about anywhere you might want to go.
I enjoyed myself jumping from one turn to another in the bike race to take photos. I do have to apologize to Mindy. I thought she was still ahead of Joe several times and did not stay to get her picture. I have a couple of AVI videos that silverlight won’t upload. I can embed them after I upload them to youTube, but that may take a few days.
The race is held in May and October each year. The course is very rural with spectacular sights along the way.

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