How can your shout across the world be secure to only your BFFs?

zitiboat ON July – 12:30 am

I thought a similar post several years ago with my name attached would get some respect. None shown so far!
We need at least two Internets!
More really but garage sales and Department Stores seem to know that they are different and account for taxes differently.
The World Wide Web is for surfers to research and explore. YouTube is for fun and .com is for money; bad analogy but this is where I was going… (this is for fighting and this is for fun).
The .COM domain is for business as in dot Commerce.
Countries and organizations can have .gov, .org, or whatever the abbreviation needed to be official and there is always .edu for the really serious.
Hyper Text Transfer Protocols (http://) are extremely simple to separate into WorldWideWeb ( and HTTPS:// or secure encrypted sites with a domain certificate. Why don’t we use them the way they are intended?
I believe it is because the internet is available to users that have no knowledge of what they are doing. Caveat emptor.

We license drivers to operate motor vehicles and require insurance against damage, but allow teenagers to Cyberbully peers with only the cost of a internet capable device! Social networking is akin to passing notes in class. Everybody gets away with it but if you get caught doing something wrong you have to pretend to be somebody else to keep doing it. Someone else is always responsible for your actions in today’s society that seems to be spreading to (are we allowed to call them third world cultures anymore?). Developing nations learn very fast that if you cheat, lie, and steal you gain respect as an economic superpower.
Security is at best a function of how well you trust your neighbor.
Yell into a megaphone that someone is dumb or that you have a bank account and you should not expect your secrets to be kept.
Internet and World Wide Web are extremely explicit in their definitions. You are putting data onto a system of communication that the entire world can see.
The means of expression were invented long before anyone thought about how to secure those expressions. You can encrypt a signal as you broadcast it to the world, but be aware that somebody invented that system of encryption and sold it to several buyers. Pass a note through 6 billion hands and you might expect one of those hands to be able to read it.
Stop putting sensitive material into EVERYBODY’S hands and you may achieve security. Failing that, at least use a firewall that bothers to look if your printer software wants to e-mail every contact in your address book without your instructions. There might be a problem with that.
Or did you really have to know if the girl with the snake tattoo dropped an ice cube two minutes ago regardless of who sent you that tidbit; because your phone is capable of providing important twitters like that.
Last thoughts! Turning your new smart phone off or removing the battery definitely does not provide security. The company that produced that technology allowed for the need to GPS track you by remote control in case you are a threat to national security of any country that pays for technology.


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