Facial recognition, Red light Cams, and now ALPR software?

ALP what?
Auto License Plate Recognition. The software that can identify a car tag from an ATM camera or the convenience store security camera that watches parking lots for criminal mischief.
This software can read a plate number and compare it to a list of stolen vehicles or check for expired registration or even red flag the owner if there is no insurance currently covering that vehicle. Is it a case of government intrusion or a long overdue chance to catch the law breakers that make righteous citizens pay extra for doing the correct thing.
Yeah, Big Brother is watching you by recording and tracking your use of a “PRIVILEGE” to drive a motorized vehicle on public roads. Nobody was ever given the right to drive. We all signed a license to be afforded the privilege to use roads built mostly by the government with honest tax payer money so that a convenient infrastructure could be enjoyed instead of dirt paths. In order to gain that privilege we must promise to obey laws and uniform traffic codes so that chaos does not prevail on the highways. Enforcement of rules for a society should be the responsibility of all its citizens. Courts and discretion of the police officers is a way to see justice done but all too often those methods are abused by corruption. It is not a perfect society because too many people are trying to get away with breaking the laws.
I say go big brother; protect me and mine.
If you cannot stand to be watched as you commit crimes against me then you have a couple of choices. Stop driving without insurance or valid registration and you won’t get caught. Or start obeying the law. Either choice you make and I will feel safer on the highway. I find it annoying that the most outspoken opponents of government regulations to protect the citizens are people that want to get away with crimes.
A law to make it illegal to drive below the speed limit when most other cars are speeding because you might impede other peoples wishes to commit a crime. Really? Thanks to the legislators in the Florida Senate that bill never got past the first vote but it was on the agenda to become law. Somebody thought it would make their disregard for my safety a lot easier without all the hassle of getting arrested. I for one think we should all try to make it more difficult for people to break the law not legislate corruption. Didn’t we just have eight years of that a while back?


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