What could be wrong with Golden Rice Trans-genetic?

My opinion on Golden Rice?…
Start with bad science as described by Carl Sagan’s Baloney Test.
From a contributor to Wikipedia we get “In a summary about the research the American Society for Nutrition suggests the implications of the research are that “Golden Rice could probably supply 50% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of vitamin A from a very modest amount — perhaps a cup — of rice, if consumed daily.”
How many bullshit euphemisms can you pack into a sentence?… implications/suggests/probably/if/perhaps/could
The first go around nutritional benefits required (better science) 28 cups of rice per meal daily to get the beta-carotene vitamin A conversion process in humans. This was decreased in later varieties but still a significant increase in consumption for meals.
Wikipedia omitted and only alluded to the observations of non-scientists that pigs and other livestock refused to eat the trans-genetic rice.

Test result summaries done by the manufacturer do not include any data that would be proprietary information restricted from being divulged because of patent protection. The old “Trust us because we are so big that no government oversight is needed so we can be self regulated for convenience of the FDA.”

Don’t forget lower, not greater crop yields per hectare and the increased expense of chemical crop management required to grow this strain of rice.

GMO is an easily identified comfortable label but also a misnomer. Maize/corn and all hybrid crop plants have been genetically modified by man by coaxing mutations within species for hundreds of years.
“The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds.” – The third day, Holy Bible

Trans-genetics utilizes disruption of the mutagen protection within cell gene DNA to insert naturally incompatible cross-species genes where God never intended plants to bear seed according to OTHER KINDS.

Word up: PERSISTENT TRANSFER of gene characteristics.

How many anti-biotic and anti-allergy suppression characteristics have you consumed lately? US-FDA under USDA run by a former Monsanto employee WON’T tell you because you may be “scared into not buying” (their words) the corporate profit making products that eliminate human labor from farming thus acerbating the economic downfall of farmers.

But that is just my opinion (backed by fact) on Golden Rice. Please arrive at your own conclusions based on true science and intelligent thought.


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