I desire to build and repair in life. I want the planet to support me without being used up and decaying. I want food to be grown or raised not genetisized.

I live and feel deeply in a naturalist world where the planet is a strong concern.
Currently I am living the dream life. I caretake on a large private property farm in a large house on the medium sized lake with a great garden and chickens. Only thing better would be further up North with winters and other seasons!
I do not categorize myself as spiritual or anything else. I am me and very comfortable being just that. Enlightenment is not something I search for or strive to convert others to because the life I lead is in close commune with nature. I eat from my garden for many reasons and will speak out against genetically modified food strongly while continuing to eat store bought meat.(luckily there is a grocer nearby that has local beef/chicken/pork).
Sometimes you just have to continue living with society to be able to withdraw for peace of mind.
I have lived off the grid on boats for years, in the rain forest for months and on homesteads most my life.
I like to meet all kinds of people and choose my friends from the collective pool.

I cook. Unfortunately for too many people so I have lots of leftovers.
I listen to music as a mood setter. Or I just jump in the lake or walk in the woods or travel.
Oh yeah, a sailboat is heaven.


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