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Worm Composting Boxes simple and cheap

I can produce these excellent worm boxes for $60-75 dollars at my home or at your property within 25 miles of Downtown Jacksonville. Delivery of finished boxes for $30 in the same radius. Dimensions are 36″ wide x 37 1/4″ … Continue reading

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Worm box without optional lid

features a screened drain for worm tea capture and side ventilation for worm health.

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Simple worm composting box

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Revisiting expert control of invasive versus natural habitat.

Should we alter or preserve habitats for the benefit of one species as prescribed by experts? Not understanding a relationship of flora and fauna in an ecosystem should not be ignored in the basis for exerting man’s will to terraform … Continue reading

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Why I give no truck with people that complain about their right to be inconsiderate and harmful to me

Reading the Opinion Column in Mondays April 15 edition of The Times Union Jacksonville Florida, I was surprised to see diane dimond (sic) of creators syndicate advocating the removal of automated stop light camera ticketing use in areas that apparently … Continue reading

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New Brooklyn Community Garden

Calendar of activities can be found here;

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Facial recognition, Red light Cams, and now ALPR software?

ALP what? Auto License Plate Recognition. The software that can identify a car tag from an ATM camera or the convenience store security camera that watches parking lots for criminal mischief. This software can read a plate number and compare … Continue reading

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